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How can I make my client’s lashes last longer?

Choosing your adhesive 

Choosing the right adhesive is vital when it comes to the retention of lashes, what works well for some lash techs may not work as well for others. This is because the adhesive that you use needs to work with you, your skills and your environment.

If you’ve just started out with extensions choosing an adhesive that has a longer drying time (2-3 seconds) will give you the time needed to precisely apply the lash. When storing your adhesive ensure that it is stored in an airtight container and used within 3 months of opening, the longer the adhesive is exposed to air the faster it will oxidise.


Consider your environment 

Your environment places a crucial role, ingredients within adhesive are sensitive to both temperature and humidity. The ideal room temperature should be between 16 and 24°C and humidity levels between 40-70%. Using humidifiers and house plants may be the perfect solution for creating the right environment!

Failing to prepare is preparing to fail

Investing in a prep routine can increase adhesion and retention. Firstly, ensure all make up and oils are removed from the lashes. Most professional lash brands supply prep products, lash shampoos are a great way of preparing the lashes, they also make great link sell products to maintain the clients lashes at home in between visits!

Check your angles

When applying the lash ensure that it is placed parallel with the client’s natural lashes, if the lash is applied at an angle it may mean that it is not fully connected. Lashes that are applied incorrectly are at a much greater risk of catching and being removed.

It’s also important to work with the clients natural lash, choosing the right width and length for the clients lashes will ensure that they aren’t under too much pressure. This can lead to drooping, lash loss and ultimately damage to the natural lashes.


How your client is treating their lashes between treatments can either support or be detrimental to their retention.

Here’s our top tips for maintaining lashes at home:

  1. Avoid water within the first 24hrs (showers, swimming and saunas)
  2. Stay clear of oil based products and make up (oil will start to breakdown the adhesions!)
  3. Lightly shampooing the lashes can help to keep them clean and clear of oils, this is recommended every 2-3 days using a shampoo lightly with a soft application brush.
  4. Brush the lashes daily using a lash wand
  5. Avoid excessive friction to the eyes. Laying on your face when you sleep or rubbing/picking the lashes will make them drop off faster!


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