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Keeping your Kit Tip Top – Storing Lash & Brow Tools…

As any amazing lash and brow tech knows, you’re only as good as your products and tools will allow you to be. Not storing these correctly, not only shortens the lifespan of these causing wastage and extra costs but also limiting the results you can achieve. Here we discuss how you should be storing your kit…

Wax Pot

It goes without saying that your wax pot should be wiped over after each use to remove any stray wax. There is nothing worse than going for a treatment and seeing a gunky looking wax pot and wondering just where your wax will be dribbled. Where possible use wax pots with an insert to allow you to remove the wax from the heater and reseal with the tub lid, but the wax heater lid should be on when not in use at the very least. If working mobile, ensure the wax heater remains upright if wax is to be left inside the heater to avoid spillage. Allow wax to cool down sufficiently before moving the heater so for mobile therapists, turn off the heater as soon as it is no longer required. Wax is typically good for 6-12 months from date of opening – check your product for the specific use by.

Tint & Oxidant

Always used and disposed of in line with COSHH, you should only mix your tint once ready for use and never before your client arrives as it will not be effective by the time it is used. Always replace the lids tightly immediately once decant particularly as products will react with the air on contact and overexposure will reduce its efficacy.

Lash Adhesive

Only ever decant as much as you need to avoid wastage. Replace lids tightly once decanted to avoid the adhesive reacting with the air and setting hard. Keep adhesive stored upright at stable room temperature. Some adhesive brands suggest storing in the fridge but this can cause moisture to develop inside the product bottle causing it to be ineffective. You can purchase vacuum storage bags or jars which help to prolong the life of your lash adhesive once opened and also protect them from falling over and spilling in transit for those who work mobile. If products must be stored in a cooler or hotter area than where you are working, allowing up to an hour for the product to return to ambient temperature before using for best results. Working environment temperature will affect the current viscosity (thickness) of your product so consider this when deciding where to offer your treatments, for


Always ensure tweezers are thoroughly wiped after use to remove any stray hair or wax/lash adhesive residue before sterilising. Avoid leaving tools standing in barbicide continuously as this will corrode tools over time. Sterilise for the recommended time then remove. Store in a sealed plastic case or bag taking care to protect the tweezer tips, never store points down in a jar. Then simply place back in sterilising fluid prior to use once setting up for your client. Take care never to drop your tweezers as this could blunt the points. Replace tweezers roughly every 3-6 months depending on how often used. Keep lash tweezers separate from those used for brow treatments to avoid misusing these and always keep a spare pair handy just in case.

best results. Also ambient environmental humidity will affect the drying times of your adhesive. Lash adhesive is usually good for 3-6 months dependent on the brand once opened (usually for up to 12 months prior to opening) but check product packaging to confirm as it does vary depending on the formulation.

Brow Powder Compacts

Always store these where they will be safe from knocks or dropping to avoid gut wrenching moments where your palette crumbles. Ensure you decant powder onto a spatula using a make up scraper or only ever use a clean applicator / brush (never double dipping) or use a special make sanitiser spray for powder compacts between each client to keep products hygienic. Many brands now offer refills for powder palettes to allow you to replace the shade you use up quickest, rather than having to replace the entire palette so it is worth considering this when buying your products to avoid having to have multiple part used palettes or powders at any one time.

By following the above advice, you will ensure you are not only working safely and hygienically but also reducing your costs (boosting your profits) and getting the very best results from your products and tools for the longest time possible.

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