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How to Make Brows Fuller & Less Unruly

If windows are the eyes to the soul then surely brows are the frames? A great pair of eyebrows can really give a face structure. They can also help correct an unbalanced face shape or give the appearance of a more desireable face shape. When so many clients are investing in lash extensions right now, it would be wrong not to have the know-how to create flawless brows to finish the look. We give you the top 10 ways to make brows look fuller and groomed…

  1. Use a brow pencil to fill in gaps and create better definition to the brow shape such as using short pencil strokes to create high points above the brows making them appear more arched and refined. Choose a brow pencil close to your natural hair colour and if between two shades, go for the lighter option.
  2. Use a brow powder to give a softer, fuller brow look. If you only want to achieve more fullness but more definition, opt for a brow powder. Generally brow pencils last longer on the skin but can look harsher on mature skin and accentuate fine lines and wrinkles. Brow powders are a softer option and can be sealed with brow gels or wax.
  3. Considering brow tinting – if daily touch ups aren’t working for you, say if you swim or work in hot, humid environments, tinting may be a better option. Tinting can last 2-3 weeks. Treatments typically take only 15-20 minutes so easy to fit in alongside other beauty treatments. A longer lasting option is Henna brows which can last for up to 4-6 weeks instead. Henna brow products have great depth of colour and are naturally formulated so can be kinder to the skin. Tinting or henna can bring out the natural shape of your brows, especially for those with naturally fair or grey brows. This can make the eyes look brighter as the whites of the eyes contrast with the darker tones.
  4. Encourage better hair growth by using a naturally formulated brow oil or serum. The massaging in of products daily can also help boost blood flow to the area which in itself encourages better hair growth and improved hair condition and strength. There are many purposely designed serums on the market or just good quality castor, coconut or extra virgin olive oils will also do a great job of nourishing the hair and skin.
  5. Pluck in the right light and at the right level of zoom – ensure you pluck your brows using suitably sharp tweezers to avoid hair breakage. Try to pluck in natural daylight to better help you see the new, finer hairs coming through and ensure you are following the right line for shaping. Avoid using magnifying mirrors as they force you to focus in on one hair at a time causing you to lose sight of the overall brow shape and you can get too pluck-happy resulting in uneven brow results or overthinning the brows.
  6. Brows are sisters, not twins. Whenever tinting or shaping brows, ensure you work across both brows equally and check across both brows throughout for an even result. That said, brows are never identical so don’t try to force them to be or you could end up damaging the natural line of hair growth and having overly thin brows which is both aging and unflattering. Overplucking can lead to permanent damage so take care or best still, leave it to the professionals.
  7. Have patience when brow shaping – don’t be tempted to pluck a clump of hairs at a time. Work on just removing one at a time. Avoid removing longer brow hairs as these are often the leading hairs which define how the rest of the brows sit and removal can leave unsightly gaps or loss of definition. Slanted tweezers are great for helping to select the right hair. Go slow and use patience when removing odd stray hairs between brow services or if attempting some home pampering. You can always go back and take another out but you can’t put a leading hair back in again if removed incorrectly.
  8. Embrace other methods of hair removal such as hot wax or threading. Both offer a quick but accurate hair removal option that take out all the hard work of tweezers. Check reviews of any therapist you are considering booking with and ideally seek out photos of their recent work on their social media to ensure you will get the result you desire. Generally speaking waxing is more readily available and hot wax is great in small areas like brows to give clean results. Hot wax is also less likely to irritate sensitive skin. Threading is great for anyone wanting a more linear, angled look due to the way the thread moves. It is great for those with naturally thick unruly brows that need some serious attention.
  9. Don’t lose patience with those long unruly hairs. Use a brow gel to brush and seal them into shape. If you really must improve them, don’t pluck them out but use short handled, sharp scissors to gently trim them so they sit better in place. Those long hairs often need to sit flat to provide the overall shape for your brows that all other hairs follow so take care not to be too snippy, particularly for the first few hairs at the start near the eyes as these can look bushy if trimmed too short.
  10. If you really can’t get those unruly brows to sit correctly, consider a brow lamination treatment. Not only will they help give the appearance of thicker, fuller and more youthful brows; but it is a quick and relaxing treatment to receive. Typically taking around 30 minutes, results can last up to 6 weeks and when combined with a basic brow shape and tint, it can give you maintenance free, hassle free natural brows for over a month! Well worth investing in. The treatment uses similar products to lash lift (perming) products, but applied to the brows in a specific way that fixes and sets the brows in the desired direction as dictated by the brow technician.

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