About me..

Rebekah is a very experienced beauty professional with many years working within the industry as a Therapist, Salon Owner and Educator. This knowledge of the industry helps her to go beyond simply delivering a high level of beauty training to ensure she is also confidently able to motivate and support her students. Qualified within all areas of beauty therapy including holistic therapy and some of the most in-demand salon treatments, Rebekah enjoys keeping up to date with the latest trends in the beauty sector to ensure she can guide her students towards success. Having completed training with a wide range of high-end and popular beauty brands including Elemis, Jessica and FakeBake and been successful in running her own beauty business, Rebekah is driven by seeing her students progress towards realising their own aspirations.

“Having been successful within various roles in the beauty industry, I am so motivated to ensure my students achieve their best and aim high. I appreciate it can be daunting going into something completely new and I thrive on supporting my students, seeing them go from learning the basics to demonstrating a high level of competence in delivering professional standards of treatment.”

“Having run my own salon successfully for many years, I have learnt what it takes to be successful, not least staying ahead of the industry to meet client demands. I love seeing my students come to the Academy to learn their initial skills and then return for advanced training once they have been out in the industry and are starting to realise results and achieve their career goals. There are so many different opportunities within the beauty industry and certainly something for everyone. I love that courses attract students from a wide range of backgrounds and with such varying career plans, being able to support them equally and share my passion for beauty therapy.”