About me..

Philippa is a lifelong learner, possessing extensive knowledge and skills in course preparation, delivery and assessment at all levels. She has carried out demonstrations on behalf of Bali Sun Tanning, Bio Sculpture and CalGel at professional beauty exhibitions at various venues throughout the UK. Philippa has not only worked as a self-employed therapist and company director, she was the Clarins State Training Manager for both Western Australia and the state of Victoria Australia. She has also practiced cosmetic and medical micro-pigmentation tattooing procedures, within the NHS and private sector (including Harley Street). She is a highly motivated and enthusiastic tutor who has been with The Beauty Academy since 2016.

“I have never lost my passion for this exciting and ever-evolving industry.”

“The biggest reward is the success of my students; some of whom themselves have become beauty tutors, worked on cruise ships and have started up successful salons and spas.”