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Winter Lash Loss – What you need to know…

Seasonal lash loss is a thing and not a lot of people know that. Whether you have lash extensions or not, seasonal lash shedding affects everyone. Understanding why it happens will help you not only care better for your own lashes but to give the best possible advice to your clients…

The Circle of Lash Life…

Lashes shed in cycles, as with all hair growth. Approximately every 60-90 days our lashes will have completely replenished with individual hairs shed periodically throughout this time. It is perfectly healthy and essential to ensure our lashes (and eyes) remain healthy. On average, we lose 1-5 lashes per day, however as a lash is lost, a new lash will already be growing to take its place and so we rarely notice any difference in the thickness and volume to our natural lash line.

Lash loss happens continuously all year round, however, at particular times of the year this cycle will speed up with the lash replenishing cycle becoming longer or shorter depending on the time of year.

As the weather warms up around spring time, our bodies prepare for warmer temperatures by producing more natural oils (sebum) to protect our skin from dehydration and this can cause lashes to shed more rapidly. This initial change up in the cycle can leave lashes looking temporarily thinner while the lash cycle catches up. This can also occur in the winter months as a result of us all popping on our central heating – being exposed to dry hot air followed by the extreme cold of outside and damper weather can all result in drying of the skin and our bodies reaction to create more sebum. Lashes can also become brittle from the harsh weather and extreme temperatures which can lead to premature lash breakage.

Unfortunately, there isn’t much we can do to get around these changes to the lash cycle, they are a natural part of our bodies adapting to the natural environment. However, these changes can affect lash extensions.

You may notice lash extensions being shed (with the natural hair) more quickly than usual meaning you may need to reduce your maintenance interval slightly to keep lashes in top condition. It is recommended to have lash infills every 2-3 weeks. In the winter, you might also need to have a new full set rather than infills, more quickly than usual. For this reason, make sure you get lash extension appointments booked in ahead of time to ensure you can fit in all-important maintenance, particularly as the busy festive period soon comes around. You might also like to begin using and/or retailing lash homecare products such as protective lash serums to help condition the lashes and protect against the harsh weather.

Lash shedding is perfectly natural and it is important to discuss this with lash extension clients to avoid any unnecessary concern and ensure they are equipped with the knowledge to keep their lashes looking incredible all year round.

Up your lash game with new skills and refresher training to ensure you remain in the know…

Our accredited lash extensions courses run all year round with fast track face to face options and online courses available. Just some of the lash extension courses available include:

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