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Mature students urged to take advantage of new 24+ loan to start a new career

Anyone aged over 24 whois tempted by a change of career is being urged to take advantage of a new loanscheme which has become available.

The 24+ AdvancedLearning Loans have been introduced as a replacement for government grants forsome adult learners. They areavailable for learners aged 24 and over to fund the tuition fees for study atLevel 3 and 4. The loans work on a similar basis to the loanssystem for Higher Education, which means that individuals will only startto pay their loans back once they have completed their study or training andare earning over £21,000 per annum. Repayments do not start until April 2016.

The Beauty Academy is a provider of this governmentgrant, and is helping older students take beauty courses and diplomas whichwill help them in the world of work.

Terry Hadley from TheBeauty Academy said: “We know that there are lots of matures students lookingto complete beauty courses, nail courses, beautician training programmes andmake up classes, and we wanted to help them get their first foot onthe ladder by gaining a diploma.

“The costs of college ortraining courses can be a put off for many adult learners but this loanprovides a way out. It’s an opportunity to retrain, try something new, expandyour qualifications and find a new pathway in life. It’s also a way for you toimprove your employability and your ability to earn well. What’s more, there’sno upper age limit so it really is for anyone!

“Our state of theart centres are friendly,welcoming and accessible and our tutors are of the highest caliber, offeringtheir many years of expertise to our learners. The beauty industry is growingand it’s a fantastic career to train into.”

24+ Advanced LearningLoans are no different from any other form of borrowing – they are subject torepayment conditions. Monthly repayments through the Student Loans Company willbe a fixed proportion of your income, which start once you are earning over£21,000. And any balance outstanding is written off after 30 years. Repaymentsthrough the tax system won’t begin until 2016, but you have the right to makepayments or to pay back your loan in full at any time before then withoutincurring penalties.

Mature learners can takeadvantage of this scheme and their pensions will not count towards their incomelevel. Many mature students will never have to repay the loan.

Established for over 20years, The Beauty Academy provides a wide range of beauty courses covering BeautyTherapy, Nail Care Treatments, Make-Up& Eye Treatments, Hair Removal and HolisticTherapy.

The Beauty Academy is aNational Beauty School providing a wide range of beauty courses at theirTraining Centres in London Bridge, London Kings Cross, Birmingham, Cambridge,Chelmsford, Milton Keynes, Manchester, Nottingham, Leeds and Reading.

  • Established 1990: the Original Private Beauty Training School

    I had Acrylic Nail Extention course on Sunday 15 January with Noreen in Reading – Shinfield. It was fantastic day, I learn lots and Noreen was brilliant. She make sure that everybody understand what to do and I Am sure that everybody feel more confident and ready to do treatment. I will love to do more courses with The Beauty Academy.

    Viera O

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  • Established 1990: the Original Private Beauty Training School

    I have done the facial massage and skincare training 2 days with The Beauty Academy. It was a great experience with a great tutor Vanessa that it a knowledgeable person and share her experience with us in a lovely and nice way. I’ll definitely be back to upgrade my portfolio. See you soon my lovely xx

    Cristina M.

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  • Established 1990: the Original Private Beauty Training School

    I have just finished my Complete Make Up Artist Course here at the Academy.. I find it very accommodating and really gives me the knowledge n experience that i need.. I might be coming back for my next course.. And i will definitely recommend anyone whom intends to attend any beauty course for any purposes.. And I would like to extend my special thanks to my tutor Vanessa Jane for giving the best if my needs.. All the best.. Salute..

    Baie A

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