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Getting it off your chest!

They say beauty is pain– and they may well be right. But here, experts at leading Beauty school, TheBeauty Academy, examine why waxing – which is quick, easy and long-lasting – isone treatment definitely worth the discomfort.

Waxing is the temporaryremoval of unwanted body and facial hair.

It works by spreading hotwax on an area of skin, applying a gauze and quickly pulling away taking theunwanted hair with it.

Here, instructors who run our London beautycourses list their top reasons for choosing waxing over shaving to removeunwanted hair:

Waxing lasts longer thanshaving because it pulls the hair out from the roots.

There is no risk of cuts or nicks with waxing so you don’t getleft with nasty scars or scabs.

Shaving can cause rasheson sensitive skin.

Waxing makes the hair grow back finer.

Shaving can causestubble. If you don’t shave often enough, your legs will feel rough andabrasive.

Waxing will make yourskin feel smoother for longer without feeling itchy, because of slower hairregrowth.

Waxing is fast andconvenient.

Waxing removes a greatervolume of hair at one time. This makes it a good choice for eyebrows and lesstime-consuming that single strand tweezing.

How often should you get waxed?

Hair growth is differentfor each person, however once you’ve had a wax treatment, it should lastanywhere between two an eight weeks.

What parts of your body can you get waxed?

Most parts of the bodycan be waxed although on our London beauty courses we concentrate on:


Upper lip and chin





Bikini Line



When to avoid waxing

You should avoid waxingif you have any of the following:

1.Cuts, bruises or abrasions – it is best toleave the skin to heal as waxing could make these worse.

2.Scar tissue following a recent operation – itis advised to wait six months before waxing an area that has been operated on.

3.Eczema, psoriasis or dermatitis – Waxing mayirritate these conditions.

4.Any fungal, bacterial or viral infection thatmay be contagious – it is advisable to wait until the infection has cleared.

5.Sunburn – It is strongly advised that you waitat least 48 hours until the skin has healed.

6.When you are taking certain medication, have diabetes or varicose veins –these conditions may require advice from a GP before the wax treatment can becarried out.

Is waxing suitable for men?

Absolutely. In fact, ourbeauty courses in London are focused on how to treat men as well as women in anumber of different areas.

Waxing for men is morepopular than ever. Men are realising that many women prefer a smooth, hair freelook and for many men, hair removal boosts their body confidence.

Most men ask for hair tobe removed from the torso, legs and arms or the genital area (often referred toas the back, sack and crack).

Men from all walks oflife are choosing waxing to get rid of unwanted body hair, either forthemselves or to please their partner or wife.

Train with us

At our beauty school werun a waxing training course for £165.83 and also sell a starter package forthose ready to practice for £60.83. We also run a beauty training programme infemale intimate waxing and an eyebrow waxing and threading course which is verypopular.

Pleasecontact us for more information

  • Established 1990: the Original Private Beauty Training School

    I had Acrylic Nail Extention course on Sunday 15 January with Noreen in Reading – Shinfield. It was fantastic day, I learn lots and Noreen was brilliant. She make sure that everybody understand what to do and I Am sure that everybody feel more confident and ready to do treatment. I will love to do more courses with The Beauty Academy.

    Viera O

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  • Established 1990: the Original Private Beauty Training School

    Saturday 22nd Oct I went to Kings Cross to do waxing training with Beverly she was great very supportive and friendly and on Sunday 23rd Oct I went to London Bridge to do eyebrow and eyelash tinting, Eyebrow shaping and false lashes with Sabia, she was very supportive and friendly as well I left both classes feeling confident to work on by cleans. I loved it so much I will be booking the facial class.

    Zoe M

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  • Established 1990: the Original Private Beauty Training School

    Had an amazing 5 days with Vanessa and the 5 girls I was working with in the professional makeup. Vanessa gave her full support in the style of makeup I liked to follow. Vanessa has also taught me that everyone make mistakes and ways to fix makeup if something was to go wrong. Thank you for a great time and I will be back to visit in the future when I want to extend my business ideas further.

    Gemma W

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