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Faking it all year round

For those of us who like a bit of colour allyear round, fake tanning is the answer come winter. But how can you get a bitof a glow without ending up orange? Here, our experts show us how to adapt your tanning regime to suitthe weather.

Winter’s biggest tanchallenge is finding something that suits your newly pallid skin but thatdoesn’t look ridiculous against a backdrop of grey drizzle.

If it’s snowy, icy orraining you are not likely to be strutting around with a TOWIE-style perma tanand bare legs.

But having said that,nobody likes to look pale and pasty – especially with Christmas on the horizon.

Why we need a boost

It is commonly acceptedthat skin generally looks much duller in winter, regardless of your skin shade.

Even darker skins cantake on a grey pallor as the lack of vitamin D and the serious reduction indaylight causes it to lose its natural radiance.

On top of that skinsuffers from dryness in winter caused by cold temperatures and central heating.

That is why amoisturising fake tan – applied properly – can give you a much-needed boost –not just in color by texture too.

Treat your skin

In winter make sure youregularly hydrate your skin and moisturise well.

Slather on your chosenmoisturiser after showering, while the skin is still damp to increaseabsorption. If your skin is extra dry put it on at bedtime for extramoisturisation.

You should also exfoliatea couple of times a week to cleanse your skin and stimulate moisture rich cellrenewal.

The combination ofregular moisturising and exfoliating will give you a good base for fake tan.

It will also ensure itlasts longer.

Create your winter glow

The secret to the wintertan is to create a hint of bronze just a couple of shades darker than yournatural skin colour.

Here are some tanningtips:

1. Prep like a pro

We’ve already talkedabout the importance of preparing your skin. But this is a vital step so do notignore it.

2. Go gradual

Apply a small amount inthe first instance. See how that develops. You can always add more a day laterif you want a deeper shade.

3. Get an instant glow

If you are not quitebrave enough for fake tan, try a make-up tan or bronzer. You can buy instanttan that gives you a healthy glow without the waiting time and washes straightoff – perfect for Christmas parties.

4. Choose the bestproducts

Don’t go for a cheap fix.Fake tan is worth spending a bit of money on. St Tropez is one of the bestchoices.

5. Leave it to the pros

If you have troubleapplying fake tan, think about indulging in a spray or airbrush tan.Professionals, like those who train at The Beauty Academy, are experts in astreak-free finish.

Train with us

If you would like tolearn how to apply fake tan like a professional then consider training with us.

Tanning is a thrivingbusiness in the UK and with the use of an airbrush, a perfect, flawless tan canbe achieved. Airbrush tanning is extremely popular, providing an all-over tanwithin 30 minutes.

We offer a range ofbeauty courses including the popular Tanning Training Course.

This covers:

  • the operation of an airbrush and compressor
  • applying an airbrush tan
  • body exfoliation and self-tanning using St Tropez products.

For more information giveus a call.

  • Established 1990: the Original Private Beauty Training School

    I have just finished my Complete Make Up Artist Course here at the Academy.. I find it very accommodating and really gives me the knowledge n experience that i need.. I might be coming back for my next course.. And i will definitely recommend anyone whom intends to attend any beauty course for any purposes.. And I would like to extend my special thanks to my tutor Vanessa Jane for giving the best if my needs.. All the best.. Salute..

    Baie A

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  • Established 1990: the Original Private Beauty Training School

    I had Acrylic Nail Extention course on Sunday 15 January with Noreen in Reading – Shinfield. It was fantastic day, I learn lots and Noreen was brilliant. She make sure that everybody understand what to do and I Am sure that everybody feel more confident and ready to do treatment. I will love to do more courses with The Beauty Academy.

    Viera O

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  • Established 1990: the Original Private Beauty Training School

    I have done the facial massage and skincare training 2 days with The Beauty Academy. It was a great experience with a great tutor Vanessa that it a knowledgeable person and share her experience with us in a lovely and nice way. I’ll definitely be back to upgrade my portfolio. See you soon my lovely xx

    Cristina M.

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