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Eyelash Extension tips!

We thought all of you talented people may like a few our of top lash tips!

How do you store your adhesive?


Adhesive should be stored in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight and extreme temperatures. It should be stored upright, ideally in a cupboard. It is not necessary to store it in a refrigerator – doing so will compromise the shelf life of the adhesive. In foil packaging your adhesive can be stored for up to 6 months. Once the pouch has been opened it must be used within 3 months.

We highly recommend dating your adhesive!

Ideal working conditions

  • Adhesive is temperate sensitive and quick drying so after a while you will need to refresh the adhesive regularly to ensure it isn’t difficult to work with
  • Clean the nozzle and replace the cap immediately after use
  • The temperature of the room should be around 18 – 20 degrees with humidity levels between 40-70%
  • It only takes a few seconds for the adhesive to start drying so if you need to rearrange the lash extension, you should do so quickly while the adhesive is still workable
  • The lash extension should not come in contact with the eyelid as it may cause discomfort and irritation

Other useful tips for eyelash extensions

  • Ring holder for glue – this way you don’t have to look away from the magnifier during treatment. I also line the ring holder with tin foil, which I just refresh when glue needs replacing.
  • Good lighting! I use an LED ring magnifier when applying eyelash extensions. You can buy the ‘glamour’ light also. It’s an LED video light.
  • Good tweezers that have a good grip. Check the contact point.
  • Cutting two slits into the under eye pad makes applying them faster as it gives them more movement.
  • Ask the client to give their lashes a really good clean prior to their appointment. You don’t want to wast 20 mins of a client’s appointment washing off mascara - that is a lot of wasted eyelash application time.
  • Be organised. Have everything you need for the appointment ready and tidy up as you go!
  • Talk the client through aftercare while you are doing the treatment instead of 5 minutes at the end of their appointment
  • If the client is struggling to keep their eyes closed this can really slow things up - so gently place 5p coins on their eyelids to keep them closed.


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