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Eyebrow shaping – wax, thread or tweeze?

Your eyebrows form the frame of your face soit’s important to keep them well-groomed if you want to accentuate yourfeatures. Here, tutors from The Beauty Academy, talkyou through your options.

Thanks to Cara Delevingneeyebrows are the biggest thing in beauty right now.

But while bushy isbeautiful, even the supermodel needs to keep stray hairs in check.

At The Beauty Academy weteach students everything they need to know about creating that perfect arch.

And here we have puttogether our thoughts on tweezing, waxing and threading.

Your guide to perfect eyebrows

There are three maintechniques for maintaining the shape of your eyebrow.


Tweezing – or plucking –your eyebrows involves using tweezers to tug individual strands of hair outfrom the root.

The Pros: This is a cheap and cheerful do-it-yourself job. Italso offers major precision.

Top tips: Our advice it to pencil your eyebrows in the desiredshape and then tweeze around that, using it as a guideline. A good pair oftweezers is a solid investment. The Cons:If you tweeze incorrectly you can cause serious problems. And we are not justtalking about a bad haircut here. Sometimes the eyebrow doesn’t grow back atall.

Advice: If you choose to pluck, be conservative.


Threading is a method ofhair removal which uses thread to twist around each hair to be removed, andpull it completely from the follicle.

The Pros: Threading allows for a detailed definition of thebrow shape and creates a more natural finish than waxing.

This is because you are workingclosely with individual hairs. It’s also a lot faster than tweezing.

Top tips: Get a professional to do the job. If you’re lookingto add an arch or let your brows grow wild for a bit, threading can be a fastway to amp up your shape.

The Cons: The super-speedy nature of this service can causefor reckless hair removal.

Advice: Use a thread-and-tweeze technique, threading the natural brow line andtweezing any stray hairs afterward.


Waxing involves warm waxbeing put on the hair you wish to remove, followed by a gauze or cloth. This isthen whisked off to pull the hairs out cleanly in one go.

The Pros: Above all other techniques, waxing tends to have thelongest period in between regrowth. If you have thicker, coarser hair thatgrows back quickly, waxing is the best option for shaping. It encouragesthinner, softer regrowth.

Top Tips: Again, this is one for the professionals. Don’t buywax strips and do it yourself. It’s not just difficult to get the shape right,it’s messy too.

The Cons: The most common complaint about waxing is thetemporary red halo it can create around the treated area after the service.Another downside of waxing (depending on your taste) is that it leaves sharp,clean lines which make brows look very defined.

Advice: Use a calming lotion after waxing to reduce redness and inflammation.

Train with us

The Beauty Academy offersa wide range of beauty courses at our beauty treatment training schools aroundthe UK.

Many of these courses canbe completed in one day and this includes our extremely popular waxing trainingcourse and threading course.

Our make up and beautycourses also include a module dedicated to eyebrow artistry.

On this we will teach youhow to create beautiful, full eyebrows using the following seven techniques:







Application of mineralmake-up and eyebrow pencil

Please contact us for more information

  • Established 1990: the Original Private Beauty Training School

    I have done a few courses at the Cambridge and London venues and loved all of them. Staff is very friendly and professional at the same time which makes it easy to learn the theory and also the techniques. Teachers pay attention to each student and gives honest advises and support. I highly recommend The Beauty Academy for everyone.

    Ernesta Davailyte

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  • Established 1990: the Original Private Beauty Training School

    I have done a few courses with The Beauty Academy. I’m a successful Beauty Therapist now. I run my own business. Thank You ?

    Klaudia Traubert

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  • Established 1990: the Original Private Beauty Training School

    I’ve obtained multiple qualifications with The Beauty Academy over the years. It has improved my skills and I have gained confidence. The training is thorough and the course works around you, the tutors are all great! I will definitely book another course to keep up with the beauty industry.

    Sabine St Hilaire

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