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BLOG: how to style your short hair for your wedding day

Short hairis chic, stylish and easy to manage – except for on your wedding day. Here,experts from the Beauty Academy, look at ways to enhanceyour bridal bob.

It’s tooshort to wear up and looks rather plain when it’s worn down.

So whatdo you do with your lack of locks when your wedding day is looming?

Well forstarters – don’t panic!

Justbecause you have an engagement ring on your finger, you do not need to startgrowing out your hair.

There areplenty of ways to create the wow factor with a cropped mop.

Make it work

There areplenty of celebrities who work versatile bobs to take inspiration from.

JulianneHough, Fearne Cotton, Marion Cotillard, and January Jones all work theirs inlots of different styles from a sexy tousled look, to retro set curls and sleekblow outs to gorgeous hair accessories.

A little hair-spiration

  • Add a fringe

Eventhough they are made by just a few snips, bangs could make a huge difference inyour overall look. With just a small amount of hair you can make a bigimpression. Fringes can be trendy and tousled, blunt and bold, wispy, sleek,structured, graduated or pixie short. So consider sassing up your short do witha snip.

  • Add an Alice band

Thinkthis is the remit for little girls? Think again. Victoria Beckham is a fan ofthe Alice band which means it’s officially back in vogue. She favours theembellished band, adorned with crystals, lace or rhinestone, but she is notabove a good old-fashioned plain black Alice band (though of course hers is byMiu Miu and costs an eye-watering £100).

  • Adorn with flowers

This is suchlovely ways to crown your hair on your wedding day. It also makes boyish cropsand short mops all the more feminine.

  • Kick off with curls

If youhair is usually worn short and sharp, think about adding a curl or two. Again,this is a very feminine way to add bounce to your barnet.

  • Untamed tousle

For a tousle and messy effect, add some product to roots and hair ends and use your fingers totease. This looks particularly good with the addition of flowers, a tiara or aveil.

  • Add some bling

Speakingof tiaras, your wedding day is the only time in your life when you have anexcuse to dress like a princess. And when you have short hair you can go allout on choosing something really bright and beautiful.

  • Braid it

Yes Iknow you might not have enough of a barnet to braid but there are some brilliantbraided bands you can buy to match your exact hair colour. It adds glamour and feminitiy.

  • A messy updo

You mightnot have thought it possible to create an updo with short hair but with a fewbobby pins, you can actually style your tresses into something wonderful sassy.Using diamante clips, butterflies or flowers woven into the hair at the backmakes this even more spectacular.

  • Cap it off

There aresome truly beautiful miniature wedding hats and fascinators you can buy to addto a crop top. This is also a great way to accentuate your sleek hairstyle.

  • Bouffant blowout

Consultthe experts and get your hair professionally blow-dried. You could even try havinga bit of backcombing done for extra volume and lift.

  • Accessorise

We havealready talked tiaras, but short hair also lends itself well to dramaticearrings and a statement necklace.

In short

Yourwedding may very well be the biggest event in your lifetime.

All eyesare on the bride on her big day and the expectation is that you’ll look yourvery best.

But don’tlet your short hair old you back. In fact, some of the most beautiful bridesare the ones who embrace their individual style and work with what they’ve got.

Learn with us

At TheBeauty Academy we run a bridal hair course at our London centre.

We knowthat hair styling is an essential part of the bridal service and you will learnthe most popular hairstyles – for long and short hair – in the wedding industry.

For moreinformation on these – or any other courses, give us a call.

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