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Facial Courses

Facial Courses

We at The Beauty Academy know just how important it is to have variety in what we offer, that's why our courses range from electrical facials, facial massage and skin care, microdermabrasion and RF facial treatment. Become a specialist today in one of our many centres across the UK. Please click on the links below for more information and to book online (all prices exclude VAT).

  • Electrical Facial Courses

    Electrical Facial Courses

    Course duration:   2 days Course price: £332.50 + VAT Location: Birmingham, Manchester and London Entry requirement:  Facial Massage and Skincare Course Qualification: The Beauty...

    Price: £332.50 + VAT
  • Facial Massage and Skincare

    Facial Massage and Skincare

    Course duration:  2 daysCourse price: £312.50 + VAT Entry requirement:   None Qualification: The Beauty Academy Diploma.  By working on the face, neck and shoulders using a variety of...

    Price: £312.50 + VAT
  • Microdermabrasion Training Course

    Microdermabrasion Training Course

    Course duration:  1 day Course price: £165.83 + VAT Entry requirements:  Facial massage and skincare Location: Available in London, Manchester &...

    Price: £165.83 + VAT


  • Had my Microdermabrasion course today with Bev and it was fantastic!Jane
  • Thank you to my tutor Michaela ! I had good start to this industry, I had many questions and tutor was very helpful answered all of them. I like that tutor has a good sense of humor. Many advice has been given for me and others. Svetlana
  • I trained at the London Centre, easy to get to, training, so so well explained made to feel welcome and throughly enjoyed the day as eybrows seem to be Big business now, looking forward to becoming a stylist :) Julie